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Pokemon: Steven & May

Story: Into Your Lungs

Title: Into Your Lungs
File: Pokemon; Gameverse, Gen. III (Note - slightly AU)
Rating: PG
Characters: May/Steven
Word Count: 670
Summary: And so, thinks Steven, dread rising up from the pit of his stomach like bile, they place the future of Hoenn’s landmass into the hands of a girl.

For pokeprompts #3, "A ship in harbour is safe, but that's not why ships are built." Short and messy largely unedited due to school owning me.
Into Your Lungs

And the air goes into your lungs
And around in your heart and on through your blood
It goes cautiously into the dark
And you can see before long that we all have a part
And under your skin you can feel
That the fear that you feel will set you free
- "Psalm", Hey Rosetta!

For a moment, Steven cannot make sense of what he’s seeing. A wet bandana breaks through the black water and bobs in place for an instant too long, up and down, lost and found. May sputters and coughs and clings more tightly to her Swampert, who ploughs on towards the dock that leads to the cobbled Sootopolis shore. It is a struggle to lift herself up onto the flat planks of wood, which are glazed with heavy sheets of rain. May recalls her Pokemon and grimaces as she kicks at the waves breaking against her legs. With great pain to her skinny forearms, she vaults herself over the lip of the pier. As she lies belly-down, breathing hard and trying to catch her breath, the planks lurch under footsteps and May lifts her chin to find herself eye level with a pair of spattered black dress shoes.

“What is this,” Steven seethes. May blinks; she has never heard him angry before, never seen him lose his composure. Rough ring-decorated hands wrap around her waist, yanking her vertical. May is dizzy from sudden movement and sudden contact – had he ever touched her before? – and sways in place, disoriented.

“May,” he says. “May!” and her blue eyes snap to his face, the thunderous expression beneath those wet silver bangs plastered to his forehead and over his eyebrows. “What are you doing here? What did I just say earlier today? I told you not to do anything foolish.”

“This isn’t foolish,” May insists, “it’s right. I was there. I saw what happened. I know how we can stop Kyogre.”

He slices through the air with his arms, gesturing wildly at nothing in particular. “But no one’s expecting you to have to do anything about it. This is a job for the Champion, it’s his duty. Let –”

“Well I don’t see a Champion around here, do you?”

Steven is momentarily taken aback, and his voice retreats to its gentle rhythm. “…What?”

“It doesn’t even matter,” she says tiredly, peeling the bandana off of her head and wiping her face with it, “It’s gotta’ be me going into that Cave, no matter what. I…I have the…”

“The Orb,” Steven says with a pained expression on his face. Why hadn’t he noticed before? It hangs off of her belt in a weathered drawstring pouch, emitting a muted ethereal glow at her hip. The holder is the only one that will be granted access to the Cave of Origin. And so, thinks Steven, dread rising up from the pit of his stomach like bile, they place the future of Hoenn’s landmass into the hands of a girl.

“Arceus, no,” he says. His mouth presses into a thin line and he grabs her wrist as if to hold her in place until the rain passes and the sun shines over Sootopolis again.

“Let go, will you? I’ll be fine.” May tries to smile, but the corners of her mouth wobble and falter. “I’ve got to be, right? I mean, I have a lot left to do – I’ve still got one more badge to earn before facing the League, and then I’ve gotta’ go show the Champion who’s boss and I’ve – I’ve – I’ve never even been on a date, or kissed by anyone other than my mom, or fallen in love, so…I still need to…”

Steven grits his teeth and closes his eyes because, despite the rain beating against every one of his molecules, he is on fire and a million thoughts mingle thickly together, like smoke signals in a trapped room –

– but all he says is, “Good luck,” and tugs her backwards half a step and presses his forehead to hers and they stand there like a pair of ice sculptures melting in the rain, frozen in an intimate position, afraid to move forward, afraid to move at all lest the spell between them be broken, until May lets her wrist slip through his grasp and she surges ahead into the dark, cavernous mouth of the Cave of Origin.


;_; Oh man, this is such a sweet piece there. I can totally see Steven very worried about May like that. Also you did well with the reactions towards the situation between the two. Lovely work!
Awwee, thank you! Glad you liked it ^-^
Pokemon: May etc.

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